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Batt Insulation

Traditional insulation used for all applications.

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Modern insulation used for all applications.

Blown In Insulation

Primarily used in attics, lofts and for topping up.


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Prior to starting all projects our trained technicians know exactly what areas can become problem areas and devise solutions for them.

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All guess work is thrown out with both local code and insulation best practices used throughout each and every project.

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Creating trusted relationships with our customers is what has lead to them providing referrals to friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions that we’ve recieved throughout the years.

What is the best attic insulation?

Depending on who you ask you will find a variety of answers, however fiberglass or mineral wool is generally the more recommended. However, this depends on the application as an attic ceiling versus the attic floor have their own variables to consider.

Should old attic insulation be removed before adding new?

If you are able to check the condition of your attic insulation, however after 20 to 30 years which is the general lifespan you may find that it still is able to retain some R values, but may not be adequate for your needs. It also depends on outside weather influences.

Can you put new insulation over old insulation?

Yes you may absolutely place new insulation over old insulation as long it has not been wet or moldy. All insulation that has been in contact with water requires greater attention as the reason for wetness needs to be determined and then appropriately dealt with prior to adding any new insulation.

When is it best to purchase insulation?

Insulation is useful all year as each season has its own challenges, however fall is often the best time for discounts as manufacturers anticipate colder temperatures prompting home and business owners to upgrade their properties.

Can mold grow on spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation does not attract mold which means that polyurethane has been designed not to rust, rot or even deteriorate. Because of this spray foam can be used in environments that traditional insulation may be at risk of becoming wet, or even a food source for mold.

Can I do spray foam insulation myself?

Experts recommend people hire professionals to do the work because the chemicals used, the machine, and the proper personal protection equipment require trained handling to truly be successful in completing an application.

What is batt insulation?

Batt insulation is made of fiberglass or mineral wool that has been cut into flat pieces. It is the common thought of pink insulation that comes to mind. It is often used in walls, attics and other applications which held or pressed against a surface.

What are the 3 types of insulation?

Cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral wool are the most common types, however the fourth which is becoming more sought after is spray foam.

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